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Team Records

Most Goals in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Anaheim Ducks2008115611
2NY Rangers188510
3Detroit Red Wings1119210
4St-Louis Blues200834710
5Buffalo Sabres200847610
6Los Angeles Kings201256210
7Columbus Blue Jackets2012122610
8Florida Panthers20123609
9Winnipeg Jets20125419
10Detroit Red Wings20126709
Most Goals in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Montreal Canadiens2008390
2St-Louis Blues2008380
3Carolina Hurricanes2008376
4Los Angeles Kings2008359
5Dallas Stars2008345
Less Goal in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New York Islanders2015157
2Toronto Maple Leafs2015159
3Colorado Avalanche2015161
4New Jersey Devils2015168
5Nashville Predators2014178
6Vancouver Canucks2015180
7New Jersey Devils2009181
8Phoenix Coyotes1183
9Minnesota Wild2012184
10Montreal Canadiens1185
Most Goals Against in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Calgary Flames2008363
2Los Angeles Kings2011342
3Nashville Predators1340
4Minnesota Wild2011334
5NY Islanders2008333
Less Goal Against in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1San Jose Sharks2015171
2Washington Capitals2015179
3Tampa Bay Lightning2015183
4Vancouver Canucks1186
5Phoenix Coyotes2012186
6Detroit Red Wings1187
7Chicago Blackhawks2010187
8Ottawa Senators1188
9San Jose Sharks2012192
10Buffalo Sabres2011195
Most Assists in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Anaheim Ducks2008115621
2Detroit Red Wings2011104520
3NY Rangers188519
4Buffalo Sabres200847619
5Detroit Red Wings2011101119
6Edmonton Oilers201389718
7Florida Panthers201236017
8Los Angeles Kings201256217
9Columbus Blue Jackets2012122617
10Anaheim Ducks201442117
Most Assists in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Montreal Canadiens2008692
2St-Louis Blues2008671
3Carolina Hurricanes2008670
4Los Angeles Kings2008626
5Dallas Stars2008614
Less Assist in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New York Islanders2015279
2Toronto Maple Leafs2015287
3Colorado Avalanche2015289
4New Jersey Devils2015296
5Minnesota Wild2012298
6Nashville Predators2014311
7Edmonton Oilers2012314
8New Jersey Devils2009318
9Atlanta Trashers2010320
10Vancouver Canucks2012320
Most Game Points in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Anaheim Ducks2008115632
2Detroit Red Wings2011104530
3NY Rangers188529
4Buffalo Sabres200847629
5Detroit Red Wings2011101129
6Los Angeles Kings201256227
7Columbus Blue Jackets2012122627
8Edmonton Oilers201389727
9Florida Panthers201236026
10Anaheim Ducks201442126
Less Game Points in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New York Islanders2015436
2Toronto Maple Leafs2015446
3Colorado Avalanche2015450
4New Jersey Devils2015464
5Minnesota Wild2012482
6Nashville Predators2014489
7New Jersey Devils2009499
8Phoenix Coyotes1505
9Atlanta Trashers2010510
10Edmonton Oilers2012511
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Los Angeles Kings200857467
2Carolina Hurricanes200866367
3Dallas Stars2008105367
4Dallas Stars2008115464
5St-Louis Blues184858
6Detroit Red Wings201594157Game Direct Link
7Anaheim Ducks201513255Game Direct Link
8Anaheim Ducks201540354Game Direct Link
9New York Rangers2015108654Game Direct Link
10Buffalo Sabres201342252
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Montreal Canadiens20083010
2Carolina Hurricanes20083006
3St-Louis Blues20082909
4Dallas Stars20082878
5Anaheim Ducks20152827
6Los Angeles Kings20082815
Less Shots In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Philadelphia Flyers20101711
2Ottawa Senators20101748
3St-Louis Blues20101751
4St-Louis Blues20111793
5Nashville Predators20141794
6Minnesota Wild20101814
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Columbus Blue Jackets20081526
2Edmonton Oilers1106825
3Edmonton Oilers200841825
4Toronto Maple Leafs201245325
5Vancouver Canucks201273225
6Los Angeles Kings201224324
7New York Islanders201274224
8Florida Panthers201086423
9Calgary Flames2010134523
10Washington Capitals201234923
Less Shots Block In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks2014525
2Arizona Coyotes2014528
3Phoenix Coyotes2013530
4Nashville Predators2010532
5Washington Capitals2013543
6Chicago Blackhawks2010547
7Washington Capitals2010549
8Buffalo Sabres2011552
9Pittsburgh Penguins2009555
Most Shots Against In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Calgary Flames20082867
2Tampa Bay Lightning20122725
3St. Louis Blues20122674
4Minnesota Wild20122662
5Columbus Blue Jackets20122659
6San Jose Sharks20082658
7New York Islanders20122647
8NY Rangers20082646
9Florida Panthers20082646
10Nashville Predators20082627
Less Shots Against In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks20141822
2Arizona Coyotes20141859
3Washington Capitals20101873
4Nashville Predators20101881
5NY Rangers20101900
6Phoenix Coyotes20101907
7Columbus Blue Jackets20091920
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Minnesota Wild201254180
2Winnipeg Jets201254168
3Nashville Predators201217956
4Boston Bruins201092055
5Nashville Predators200830651
6St. Louis Blues201246850
7Ottawa Senators201268250
8Vancouver Canucks159149
9Montreal Canadiens200826349
10Calgary Flames201371949
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Minnesota Wild20121284
2Minnesota Wild20081071
3Calgary Flames20111059
4Anaheim Ducks11052
5Ottawa Senators20101023
6St-Louis Blues20101019
Less Pim In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Columbus Blue Jackets2015344
2Winnipeg Jets2015363
3Tampa Bay Lightning2015373
4Chicago Blackhawks2015396
5Chicago Blackhawks2014412
6Vancouver Canucks2012417
7Phoenix Coyotes2013422
8Philadelphia Flyers2012424
9Pittsburgh Penguins2015424
10Phoenix Coyotes2012425
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Ottawa Senators2013104545
2St. Louis Blues2014102744
3Toronto Maple Leafs2015100143Game Direct Link
4NY Islanders2008109741
5Anaheim Ducks201312541
6Los Angeles Kings2009113140
7Ottawa Senators2014103440
8Minnesota Wild201225239
9Vancouver Canucks2013122839
10Toronto Maple Leafs201551539Game Direct Link
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New York Islanders20131913
2Buffalo Sabres20131891
3Boston Bruins20141877
4Buffalo Sabres20141861
5Calgary Flames20141844
6New Jersey Devils20131840
7New Jersey Devils20141828
8Dallas Stars20131805
9Anaheim Ducks20131803
10Calgary Flames20131801
Less Hit In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Colorado Avalanche1770
2NY Rangers1790
3New Jersey Devils1805
4Washington Capitals1811
5Detroit Red Wings1820
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St-Louis Blues16
2Atlanta Trashers20085
3Colorado Avalanche20115
4Winnipeg Jets20125
5Carolina Hurricanes20125
6Philadelphia Flyers14
7Montreal Canadiens14
Best PP In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New York Islanders201229,10%
2Boston Bruins201428,60%
3New York Rangers201328,30%
4Winnipeg Jets201227,40%
5Toronto Maple Leafs201426,80%
6St. Louis Blues201226,60%
7Montreal Canadiens200826,20%
8Colorado Avalanche200826,10%
9Los Angeles Kings200825,90%
10Ottawa Senators200825,70%
Best PK In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Toronto Maple Leafs191,50%
2Dallas Stars191,20%
3Minnesota Wild191,10%
4Vancouver Canucks191,00%
5Anaheim Ducks191,00%
Worse PP In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Phoenix Coyotes17,80%
2Minnesota Wild18,70%
3Nashville Predators19,10%
4Montreal Canadiens19,20%
5Buffalo Sabres19,20%
Worse PK In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Tampa Bay Lightning201371,60%
2Florida Panthers201372,50%
3Chicago Blackhawks200872,60%
4NY Rangers200873,00%
5Minnesota Wild201273,30%
6Ottawa Senators201273,70%
7Winnipeg Jets201173,90%
8Carolina Hurricanes201274,20%
9Detroit Red Wings200874,40%
10St-Louis Blues200874,80%
Most Win In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Carolina Hurricanes200863
2Phoenix Coyotes201060
3Montreal Canadiens201458
4Minnesota Wild200957
5Washington Capitals201057
6Chicago Blackhawks201157
Less Win In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Calgary Flames200811
2Minnesota Wild201117
3Philadelphia Flyers119
4Montreal Canadiens118
5Nashville Predators117
Most Lost In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Minnesota Wild201165
2Calgary Flames201163
3Los Angeles Kings201162
4Minnesota Wild201261
5New Jersey Devils200960
6Dallas Stars201060
Less Lost In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Montreal Canadiens200814
2Carolina Hurricanes200814
3Pittsburgh Penguins120
4Ottawa Senators119
5Detroit Red Wings119
Most Points In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Carolina Hurricanes2008134
2Montreal Canadiens2008132
3Los Angeles Kings2008126
4Dallas Stars2008123
5Phoenix Coyotes2010122
Less Points In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Calgary Flames200841
2Minnesota Wild201141
3Nashville Predators144
4Calgary Flames201145
5Montreal Canadiens147

Players Records

Most Ice Time In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Nashville Predators2011664309:00
2Pittsburgh Penguins20101470280:00
3Vancouver Canucks2011412201:00
4Minnesota Wild2010976190:00
5Anaheim Ducks2010922180:00
6Victor HedmanNew York Rangers20125035:21
7Brent SeabrookBuffalo Sabres201249034:35
8Brian CampbellLos Angeles Kings201261434:24
9Ryan SuterBoston Bruins201227034:05
10Kris LetangPittsburgh Penguins201263833:34
Most Ice Time In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Brent SeabrookBuffalo Sabres20122330
2Ryan SuterBoston Bruins20122311
3Erik KarlssonMontreal Canadiens20122306
4Jay BouwmeesterMontreal Canadiens20122291
5Zdeno CharaPhoenix Coyotes20122287
6Dan HamhuisWashington Capitals20122272
7Brian CampbellLos Angeles Kings20122231
8Paul MartinColorado Avalanche20122231
9Dan BoyleNew York Rangers20122207
10Francois BeaucheminOttawa Senators20122173
Most Goals In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Jordan StaalColumbus Blue Jackets20097265
2Patrik BerglundTampa Bay Lightning20121485
3Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay Lightning11584
4Thomas VanekBuffalo Sabres17274
5Petr CajanekSt-Louis Blues18344
6Martin St-LouisTampa Bay Lightning19584
7Eric StaalOttawa Senators20122144
8Pascal DupuisSt. Louis Blues20126204
9Joffrey LupulToronto Maple Leafs20128464
10Dainius ZubrusPittsburgh Penguins20128954
Most Goals In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Patrick KaneSan Jose Sharks201462
2Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red Wings201360
3Daniel AlfredssonMontreal Canadiens200858
4Patrick SharpChicago Blackhawks201158
5Jeff CarterPhiladelphia Flyers200957
6Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals201057
7Vincent LecavalierLos Angeles Kings200856
Most Assists In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Duncan KeithChicago Blackhawks20119616
2Martin St LouisColumbus Blue Jackets201212266
3Martin St-LouisTampa Bay Lightning11585
4Ryan WhitneyPittsburgh Penguins112995
5Eric BrewerSt-Louis Blues20085235
6Tobias EnstromMontreal Canadiens20087435
7Mikko KoivuWinnipeg Jets20125415
8Ilya KovalchukVancouver Canucks20129805
9Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red Wings201211945
10Alex OvechkinNew York Rangers20138065
Most Assists In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Nicklas LidstromLos Angeles Kings200882
2Daniel AlfredssonMontreal Canadiens200881
3Brian CampbellNashville Predators200879
4Erik KarlssonMontreal Canadiens201479
5Jason PominvilleSt-Louis Blues200877
6Sergei GoncharPittsburgh Penguins200875
Most Points In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Martin St LouisColumbus Blue Jackets201212268
2Daniel AlfredssonMontreal Canadiens200811397
3Duncan KeithChicago Blackhawks20119617
4Alex OvechkinNew York Rangers20138067
5Jaromir JagrNY Rangers18856
6Ales KotalikNew Jersey Devils20081686
7Joe ThorntonSan Jose Sharks20081776
8James NealSan Jose Sharks20126366
9Ray WhitneyEdmonton Oilers20128276
10Martin EratSan Jose Sharks20128766
Most Points In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Daniel AlfredssonMontreal Canadiens2008139
2Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh Penguins2008130
3Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red Wings2013129
4Jason PominvilleSt-Louis Blues2008127
5Patrick SharpChicago Blackhawks2011126
6Vincent LecavalierLos Angeles Kings2008122
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Jason BlakeToronto Maple Leafs171716
2Nathan HortonLos Angeles Kings1122016
3Ryan KeslerFlorida Panthers20118316
4Pavel DatsyukCarolina Hurricanes201159316
5Alexander SteenNashville Predators20123216
6Dany HeatleyEdmonton Oilers200867515
7Marian HossaDetroit Red Wings201359715
8Zach PariseLos Angeles Kings20157914Game Direct Link
9Andy McDonaldDallas Stars2012106213
10Patrick SharpChicago Blackhawks201428813
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Max PaciorettyAnaheim Ducks2015461
2Marian HossaDetroit Red Wings2013449
3Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh Penguins2008430
4Vladimir TarasenkoNashville Predators2015423
5Dany HeatleyEdmonton Oilers2008416
6Jonathan ToewsEdmonton Oilers2013415
7Marian HossaDetroit Red Wings2014411
8Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals2010396
9Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals1390
10James NealNew York Rangers2012389
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Duncan KeithChicago Blackhawks2008919
2Chris ProngerColorado Avalanche20087869
3Mark EatonLos Angeles Kings20088269
4Jeff FingerPhoenix Coyotes200810509
5Dennis SeidenbergPhoenix Coyotes20096699
6Brett ClarkNew York Islanders20124598
7Zbynek MichalekColumbus Blue Jackets20139718
8Dan BoyleNew York Rangers201311068
9Brent SeabrookBoston Bruins20142328
10Mike GreenVancouver Canucks2015788Game Direct Link
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Chris ProngerPhiladelphia Flyers2008167
2Ryan McDonaghAnaheim Ducks2015149
3Andrej MeszarosNew York Islanders2012148
4Niklas HjalmarssonNew York Islanders2013147
5Brian CampbellLos Angeles Kings2012146
6Willie MitchellCalgary Flames2008145
7Pavel KubinaToronto Maple Leafs2008143
8Bryan AllenMinnesota Wild2008142
9Dan BoyleAnaheim Ducks2011141
Most Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Eric BrewerSt-Louis Blues19817
2Robert LangSt-Louis Blues19816
3Andrei MarkovOttawa Senators2008566
4Steve StaiosOttawa Senators2008566
5Mike KomisarekMontreal Canadiens20083166
6Marek ZidlickyNew York Islanders201311136
7Niklas HjalmarssonNew York Islanders201311136
8Phil KesselTampa Bay Lightning2015546Game Direct Link
9Jaden SchwartzTampa Bay Lightning2015546Game Direct Link
10Tyler JohnsonTampa Bay Lightning2015546Game Direct Link
Most Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Jarome IginlaLos Angeles Kings200872
2Vincent LecavalierLos Angeles Kings200872
3Jason ArnottSt-Louis Blues200869
4Dany HeatleyColumbus Blue Jackets201169
5Simon GagneSt-Louis Blues200868
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Nick SchultzCalgary Flames20081135-7
2Ryan WhitneyVancouver Canucks2011400-6
3Tomas PlekanecDallas Stars2012292-6
4Michael Del ZottoAnaheim Ducks2012360-6
5David LegwandBoston Bruins2012395-6
6Drew StaffordBoston Bruins2012395-6
7T.J. OshieBoston Bruins2012395-6
8Luke SchennColumbus Blue Jackets2013866-6
9Kevin KleinTampa Bay Lightning20131120-6
10Kris RussellTampa Bay Lightning20131120-6
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Greg deVriesNashville Predators1-59
2Tom PreissingCalgary Flames2008-56
3Andrew EbbettMontreal Canadiens2011-54
4Matt NiskanenToronto Maple Leafs2014-51
5Matt MurleyCalgary Flames2008-50
6Jamie LangenbrunnerMontreal Canadiens2011-50
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Brad StaubitzWinnipeg Jets201254139
2Zac RinaldoEdmonton Oilers2012122934
3Stephen WeissCarolina Hurricanes20121027
4Eric BrewerDetroit Red Wings201212327
5Ian ColeSt. Louis Blues201219427
6Jamal MayersBuffalo Sabres201222927
7Chris ThorburnSan Jose Sharks201225627
8George ParrosLos Angeles Kings201238327
9James van RiemsdykVancouver Canucks201243027
10Brandon BolligCarolina Hurricanes201251227
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Derek DorsettMinnesota Wild2012284
2Ruslan SaleiFlorida Panthers2008196
3Theo PeckhamPhiladelphia Flyers2011188
4Brooks OrpikPittsburgh Penguins2011187
5Mike KomisarekMontreal Canadiens2008186
6Shea WeberNew Jersey Devils2011175
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Andrew ShawSt. Louis Blues201468014
2Shea WeberNew Jersey Devils201364913
3Cody FransonChicago Blackhawks2013103913
4Brooks OrpikBuffalo Sabres201423913
5Dion PhaneufNew York Islanders201511113Game Direct Link
6Roman PolakTampa Bay Lightning201345912
7Derek MorrisCarolina Hurricanes201379012
8Erik ColeCarolina Hurricanes200819211
9Ryan MalonePittsburgh Penguins200876111
10Cory SarichLos Angeles Kings200912611
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Ryane CloweNew York Islanders2013356
2David BackesWashington Capitals2015332
3Dion PhaneufNew York Islanders2013328
4Zdeno CharaSan Jose Sharks2013326
5Gabriel LandeskogColorado Avalanche2014325
6Dustin ByfuglienDallas Stars2014323
7Shea WeberNew Jersey Devils2013319
8Gabriel LandeskogColorado Avalanche2013300
9Ryan MaloneCarolina Hurricanes2008295
10Brooks OrpikBoston Bruins2013281
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Jeff CarterDetroit Red Wings20103
2Jordan StaalFlorida Panthers20123
3Brad MarchandChicago Blackhawks20123
4Brandon DubinskyLos Angeles Kings20153
5Colby ArmstrongPittsburgh Penguins12
6Dan BoyleTampa Bay Lightning12
7Mark RecchiPittsburgh Penguins12
8Mike RichardsColumbus Blue Jackets12
Most Hat Trick In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Daniel AlfredssonMontreal Canadiens20085
2Joe ThorntonSan Jose Sharks20085
3Jeff CarterCarolina Hurricanes20115
4Rod Brind'AmourCarolina Hurricanes20084
5Dany HeatleyEdmonton Oilers20084
Best Faceoff in 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Michal HandzusColumbus Blue Jackets200961,40%
2Mats SundinDallas Stars200861,20%
3Rod Brind'AmourCarolina Hurricanes200861,00%
4Bobby HolikAtlanta Trashers160,90%
5Bobby HolikColumbus Blue Jackets200860,20%

Goalies Records

Shutout In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Tuukka RaskSan Jose Sharks201516
2Jonathan QuickNashville Predators201514
3Dominik HasekDetroit Red Wings112
4Roberto LuongoVancouver Canucks111
5Sergei BobrovskyMontreal Canadiens201510
6Tomas VokounMinnesota Wild20099
7Marc-Andre FleurySan Jose Sharks20119
8Jonathan QuickPhoenix Coyotes20139
9Nikolai KhabibulinPhiladelphia Flyers20098
Shots Received In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Corey CrawfordDallas Stars20122591
2Olaf KolzigNew Jersey Devils12410
3Kari LehtonenColumbus Blue Jackets20122383
4Jonas HillerAnaheim Ducks20112320
5Miikka KiprusoffColorado Avalanche20082313
6Jean-Sebastien GiguereOttawa Senators20082312
7Niklas BackstromSan Jose Sharks20082294
Win In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Roberto LuongoCarolina Hurricanes200864
2Tomas VokounLos Angeles Kings200861
3Tomas VokounMinnesota Wild200957
4Cam WardChicago Blackhawks201157
5Sergei BobrovskyMontreal Canadiens201457
6Kari LehtonenColumbus Blue Jackets201156
Lost In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Jaroslav HalakDallas Stars201048
2Antti NiemiPhiladelphia Flyers201143
3Ilya BryzgalovSt-Louis Blues201042
4Mike SmithNew York Islanders201442
5Cristobal HuetMontreal Canadiens141
6Nikolai KhabibulinChicago Blackhawks141

Game Records

Most Goals
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Vancouver CanucksAnaheim Ducks2008115617
2St-Louis BluesSan Jose Sharks200852316
3Los Angeles KingsMontreal Canadiens1118015
4NY IslandersPittsburgh Penguins1129915
5Nashville PredatorsColumbus Blue Jackets1130915
6Washington CapitalsNashville Predators201344315
7Boston BruinsBuffalo Sabres201354115
8Edmonton OilersMinnesota Wild201389715
9Winnipeg JetsMinnesota Wild201254114
10St. Louis BluesCarolina Hurricanes2012102514
Most Assists
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Vancouver CanucksAnaheim Ducks2008115632
2NY IslandersPittsburgh Penguins1129930
3Los Angeles KingsMontreal Canadiens1118028
4New Jersey DevilsBuffalo Sabres200816828
5Edmonton OilersMinnesota Wild201389728
6Carolina HurricanesNY Rangers188527
7Washington CapitalsNashville Predators201344326
8Anaheim DucksEdmonton Oilers201442126
9St. Louis BluesCarolina Hurricanes2012102524
10Detroit Red WingsCarolina Hurricanes2013120624
Most Points
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Vancouver CanucksAnaheim Ducks2008115649
2NY IslandersPittsburgh Penguins1129945
3Los Angeles KingsMontreal Canadiens1118043
4New Jersey DevilsBuffalo Sabres200816843
5Edmonton OilersMinnesota Wild201389743
6St-Louis BluesFlorida Panthers200918742
7Washington CapitalsNashville Predators201344341
8Anaheim DucksEdmonton Oilers201442140
9St. Louis BluesCarolina Hurricanes2012102538
10Boston BruinsBuffalo Sabres201354138
Most Shots
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Atlanta TrashersBuffalo Sabres172793
2NY RangersAtlanta Trashers185193
3St-Louis BluesColorado Avalanche200878692
4Vancouver CanucksColorado Avalanche201039691
5Minnesota WildColorado Avalanche1134890
6Vancouver CanucksColumbus Blue Jackets201254686
7New Jersey DevilsBoston Bruins2015114086Game Direct Link
8Columbus Blue JacketsChicago Blackhawks201253385
9Carolina HurricanesTampa Bay Lightning201287585
10Detroit Red WingsSt. Louis Blues2014108085
Most Pim
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Winnipeg JetsMinnesota Wild2012541148
2Carolina HurricanesMontreal Canadiens200826386
3Vancouver CanucksDallas Stars159184
4Atlanta TrashersFlorida Panthers200986284
5St-Louis BluesMontreal Canadiens2010129184
6Nashville PredatorsCalgary Flames201217982
7Detroit Red WingsMinnesota Wild2012119482
8Tampa Bay LightningMinnesota Wild201214880
9Calgary FlamesWinnipeg Jets201371980
10Dallas StarsMinnesota Wild200983278
Most Hits
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Minnesota WildPhoenix Coyotes201299470
2Detroit Red WingsCalgary Flames201352869
3Ottawa SenatorsTampa Bay Lightning2013104569
4Buffalo SabresOttawa Senators201479969
5St-Louis BluesDallas Stars200899868
6Detroit Red WingsCalgary Flames201130267
7Pittsburgh PenguinsBuffalo Sabres2015114267Game Direct Link
8Calgary FlamesMinnesota Wild201120965
9Arizona CoyotesToronto Maple Leafs201551565Game Direct Link
10NY IslandersTampa Bay Lightning2008116864